Technology Terms

Back End Development
This is the web development that takes user input like ordering a product and automates the processes that handle that order from submission to delivery.


Computers communicate in binary, using a series of 1's and 0's. Think of binary as a series of on or off switches. Try your hand at decoding binary.

Any problem you find while testing or using your site, like broken links, misspelled words, bad formatting, etc.


The text, images, movies, sounds, animations or anything else that appear on a website.


Cascading Style Sheets provide the code needed for web browsers to determine how a web page should be laid out.


Domain Name System keeps track of web addresses on the Internet, converting numerical IP addresses to alphanumeric web addresses. For instance, one IP address for is

Enhancements that you want to make to your website, like adding new pages or new functionality.

Front End Development
This is the web development that creates what the end-user sees on the screen.


Someone who takes things apart and tries things out to figures out how something works.

Hack Jam
While there are some negative connotations associated with hacking, there is also a positive side. A Hack Jam aims to take on an interesting challenge, providing participants the opportunity to take things apart, try things out and remix to make something new. It is a collaborative and creative process that also moves participants from consuming to creating digital media.


HyperText Markup Language provides the tags needed for web browsers to display the content of web pages. Check out this HTML tag cheatsheet.

Hypertext Transfer (or Transport) Protocol, the data transfer protocol used on the World Wide Web.

IP address

Every computer on the internet is assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is a bunch of numbers. For instance, one IP address for is


Someone who creates something and shares it with others.

Web Server

A computer that can share content via websites on the internet.

Drawing a basic layout of your website on paper or using a wireframe app.


A WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor lets you enter content while it takes care of the underlying code (HTML).

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