Welcome to Website Creation!

Target Audience:

Middle and high school students (and adult learners too!)


These days, tools exist so that anybody can build a website, but that doesn't mean anyone will want to visit it. This workshop will get you hands-on experience with the underlying code it takes to develop a website (HTML & CSS) as well as website design considerations. The culmination of this workshop will be the launch of your own website!

Learning Objectives

  • Insert hyperlinks into a web page
  • Embed multimedia content into a web page
  • Identify & use HTML tags to add content to a web page
  • Identify & use CSS tags to change the style and layout of a web page
  • Identify & use openly-licensed work
  • Iterate on a design after feedback from target audience
  • Identify different parts of a web page using industry-recognized terms
  • Identify & use JavaScript to add interactivity to a web page

Key Facilitator: Kim Wilkens

Twitter: @kimxtom
AboutMe: TechKim

Note: Remix Intro to HTML, CSS & Javascript for your audience