Here are some tips when working on website projects with kids/students.


Falling Unicodes

Scavenger Hunt

Saving Thimble Work Without Persona

Saving work with Thimble requires publishing and that requires an e-mail account. If your student does not have an e-mail account, they can still save their work on their labshare drive.
  • In the left pane of Thimble, where the code is, Select All & Copy.
  • Paste into text editor (Notepad on PC & TextEdit on Mac). Make sure editor is set to plain text, not rich text format.
  • Save in their labshare drive as whateverttheynamechoose.html.
  • They should be able to open that file with Chrome or Firefox.

13 and under instructions for Weebly

  • Get parent permission (form coming soon)
  • Send note to Kim ( to create student account

Sites created @ C4K